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The Top Colors for Siding to Match Your Home’s Brown Roof

Brown Roof, Colors for Siding

It is no secret that brown is a great roof color option. However, trying to find colors for siding may seem challenging.  Thankfully, there are several colors that combine well with brown to give your home a stylish and desirable look. If you have a brown roof on your home, you may want to consider purchasing siding in one of the following colors.

Top Colors for Siding to Match a Brown Roof

Brown is a neutral color that blends well with nearly any color. However, the combination that you choose for your home can make a significant difference when it comes to the type of statement you are trying to make. 


Yellow is an excellent option for accenting a brown roof. The fact that yellow comes in a variety of shades provides you with the freedom and flexibility to choose the one that provides the look you desire. Selecting a yellow with deeper red hues can create a bold statement while tying both colors together. Lighter yellows contain hints of blues, which can create a more calming look that naturally blends together. No matter which shade you go with, combining yellow siding with your brown roof is a solid option.

Terra Cotta

Although most homeowners associate terra cotta paints and elements with Spanish architecture, the color works exceptionally well on any style of home. Given the rich red undertones of terra cotta, this color option pairs nicely with the warm tones of a brown roof. This is a great color combination for homes that have significant sun exposure. The bright sunlight can catch the color perfectly to create a bright and welcoming feel all day long.


When it comes to matching a brown roof to your siding, white is a color that you simply cannot go wrong with. This classic color is extremely flattering and creates a clean and sophisticated look for any home style. In addition to providing a clean and crisp look, white siding ensures that the brown roof remains a significant focal point. If you have architectural shingles, white siding can help to enhance the color and highlight the sophisticated pattern. 

Beige and Taupe

Other excellent options for colors for siding to match your brown roof are beige and taupe. Beige is a universal neutral color that can create an attractive look that complements a brown roof. Beige and taupe all come from shades of brown and gray, which add the perfect balance of character to your home. In addition, these colors work well when combined with brick exterior accents.


Blue is another great option for a siding color to match your brown roof. This color brilliantly complements the brown on the roof while creating a contemporary and stylish look. Dark blues can create a very bold and elegant look to your home, while lighter blues can help create a lively and lightened space. 


Since brown and green are both earth tones, they can be combined beautifully in your home. The colors coupled together create an aesthetically pleasing and soothing look. Using sage green with small white accents can create a conventional look, while lighter colors, such as pale pistachio, can create an unassuming appearance. If you are looking for a combination to create a wow factor, consider a deep forest green. 

Factors to Consider When Selecting Your Siding Color

Several factors should be taken into account when selecting the colors for siding to match your brown roof.

Check With Your HOA for Color Restrictions

If you live in a community setting that has an HOA, there may be color restrictions in place. It is vital that you check with your HOA to determine what color options for siding you have to choose from. It is always best to make sure the color that you select is approved before you get your siding project started, as it can be extremely costly to have to re-side your home afterward.

Consider Any Accents on Your Home

Columns, bold window casing, brick, and other accents on the exterior of your home can influence your color choices. For example, if you have a lot of gutters, shutters, window trim, or garage doors that are white, they can be combined brilliantly with beiges, blues, greens, and other bold colors to make an attractive statement. Alternatively, if these accents match the color of your roof, you may want to opt for a lighter color to create more balance.

Pay Close Attention to the Tone of the Brown Roof

In addition to having multiple colors to choose from, they all offer several different tones. Warmer tones can create a natural and fun look, while bold tones can create a bold contrast that is eye-catching. Although either tone will create an attractive finished look, it is vital to consider what type of look you are trying to achieve for your home.  

Consider Your Neighbors’ Homes

Rather than trying to match the colors of other homes in your neighborhood, you should consider taking inspiration from them to select a color choice of your own. You can incorporate some elements of colors to match the homes nearby and blend the neighborhood together; however, you want to create a unique look for your home without standing out too much.

If you are unsure of the best color for your home, contact our experts at Windlickers Roofing & Exteriors. Our team can meet with you to discuss your options and help select a color that will help to highlight the color of your roof, your home’s architecture, and other elements. 

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